Energy wood from Austria

Efficient heating with environmentally friendly wood

Our high-quality energy wood from Austria offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of heat for your needs.

Sustainable heat source from local forests

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Efficient generation of heat

With carefully selected local wood, we offer efficient and resource-saving methods of generating energy for heating systems and biomass power plants.

Renewable energy sources

Our sustainable solution actively contributes to environmental protection and relies on renewable energy sources from the region.

Benefit from our energy wood and secure an environmentally friendly source of heat for your needs.

Benefits of Fischer Holz

By choosing Fischer Holz, you are not only relying on quality and sustainability, but also on a green future.

Discover the advantages of our high-quality energy wood products and use an environmentally conscious solution for your heat source as a contribution to environmentally conscious heat generation.

“Discover the diversity of our valuable and precious woods in person at our premises”

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