High grade wood from Austria’s largest wood warehouse.

Exclusive variety of valuable woods in outstanding quality.

Discover the excellence of our valuable timber at Fischer Holz – the largest precious wood warehouse in Austria, located in Rotenturm an der Pinka in Burgenland.

Our extensive timber warehouse offers an impressive variety of up to 20 types of wood on 10,000 m² of climate-controlled space.

“Quality is the value,
that pays for itself.”

That’s what we stand for with our name

Largest warehouse keeper

With 10,000 m2 of air-conditioned storage space, we are the leading supplier of high grade wood in Austria.

Immediate, fast availability

Fischer Holz is renowned for its immediate, fast availability of Austria’s best timber quality.

Standardized products

We offer standardized products in precise measurement, sorting and moisture measurement for wholesale and industry.

High grade wood processing thanks to our experience & state-of-the-art technology

Wide range of products

From maple to pear and ash to stone pine.
Our unique woods, including oak, American walnut and acacia, are preferred for high-quality residential construction, chalets, floors and yachts.

They stand out due to their hardness, age and high quality – and are perfectly processed for any purpose.

Treatment of high grade wood

We treat each piece of high grade wood individually and ensure optimum processing moisture in our air-conditioned halls.

Our innovative technology, including a specially developed vacuum suction pile robot – the first of its kind in Europe – enables the precise measurement, sorting and moisture measurement of each piece.

Offering customized high-end products, we provide national and international customers who appreciate the unique precious woods.

Individual solutions for customers

At Fischer Holz, individual solutions are always possible, and the variety of our wood species, including American walnut, is simply unique.

Discover the diversity and quality of high grade wood and experience the exclusivity that characterizes our high-quality products.

“Discover the diversity of our quality and precious woods in person at our premises”

We are happy to help

Contact us and discover the variety of our high-quality wooden products. We’ll find the perfect solution for your individual needs together!

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